“Three things in human life are important: the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind.” — Henry James

I felt pretty lousy this morning. When I feel physically lousy, my mind follows and I lose perspective. When I lose perspective, everything looks dark. Fears of the future, financial and health-related, loom enormous. Sadness regarding the past creeps in and weighs me down.

I am stressed about relocating. I am grateful we are in a position to do so, but overwhelmed at all I have to do—since I need to do most of it due to the state of my dear husband’s health. I am only too happy to take on these responsibilities. He would do the same for me. It’s just that I’m burned out from months of family health crises and I am so very tired–and I’ve been tired for so many years.

My sleep is really bad right now. I’m exhausted from the moment I wake until the moment I go to bed.

I sat with Jack this afternoon and talked about how tired I am of being tired. He was so kind, as he always is. He listened closely as if he hadn’t heard this dozens of times before. Eventually, we started laughing about this or that. I felt more relaxed then.

I did Trauma Releasing Exercises, which were helpful.

Before my shower, I listened to some favorite songs. That lifted me up, too.

At Whole Foods, I asked a guy who worked there if they carried sumac. You’d think I was the president of Whole Foods or something the way he dropped everything to help me find it. When he couldn’t see it, he called someone else who came over to help. I couldn’t believe how helpful and kind they were.

By the time evening came, I felt a lot better. I made a new veggie dish of squash and zucchini with sesame seeds, pepper, sea salt, thyme, onions and red peppers. It was so pretty, and tasty, too! (Remember Lucy in the Vitameatavegamin commercial? “And it’s so tasty, too!”)

Simple things make a difference. Talking things out. Laughter. TRE. A few songs.

And kindness.

Simple kindness.

Then life looks bright again.


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