Dr. Brian Weiss Many Lives, Many Masters Seminar – My Experience

I didn’t believe in reincarnation until I had a spontaneous past life regression about six years ago. That experience is as clear and vivid to me now as it was the day it happened. I was lying on the couch in the den of our apartment in Chicago, reading a book by Eugene Gendlin called Focusing. It detailed a method of self-healing and had nothing to do with reincarnation.

After a while, I grew tired and closed my eyes. I cleared my mind, putting all disconcerting issues on a figurative shelf nearby. I did a methodical body scan, beginning with my toes. I got all the way up to my stomach when I fell into a state of deep relaxation.

Suddenly, I was in a dark kitchen in a house in late 18th century Padua, Italy. I was a young man and the housemate sitting across from me at the kitchen table was Jack, also a young man. We were both university students. We looked nothing like our present-day selves, but I knew the who/what/where/why/when. I flipped back and forth between inhabiting my young male body and watching him/me from a few feet away. The whole scenario played out like an involuntary video. The clarity was mindboggling.

I was terribly afraid of the dark metaphysical energies I saw appearing in the house we shared. Jack, confident and handsome, laughed off my fears as imaginary. He was my best friend and only hope for support and help. As we left the house and walked the narrow cobblestone street, I was crestfallen, feeling alone and hopeless.

(In my 21st century life, I met Jack when I was hallucinating terrifying images as the result of sleep deprivation. I was burned out and  my meds no longer worked. He was the greatest support I could’ve hoped for and never left my side until I recovered.)

I found Dr. Brian Weiss’ books (see links below) not long after my spontaneous regression. He was educated at Ivy League schools and became a psychiatrist. He was an atheist and had no belief in non-ordinary reality. When one of his patients wasn’t progressing as expected, he used hypnotherapy to uncover any early-life trauma that might’ve been preventing her from having a good life. To his surprise, in session after session, she regressed to former lives. He didn’t believe she was actually remembering previous incarnations, but saw that she was getting better with this process. Then one day, she regressed to a state in between lives and gave Dr. Weiss intimate information she couldn’t possibly have known that convinced him something extraordinary was going on.

He’s written several fantastic books and I’ve read every one at least twice. When I heard he was coming to the Phoenix area, I bought a ticket.

When I arrived at the Doubletree Forum in Paradise Valley, I asked one of the staff if she had any suggestions as to where I might sit given my hearing loss. (My hearing aids help, but reading lips is vital.) She cheerfully escorted me to the front row. Evidently, another hearing impaired person had called ahead to have two seats held and then her friend cancelled. I was thrilled.

Dr. Weiss came on stage at ten o’clock. It felt so unreal to see him a few feet in front of me. All those years reading his books in Chicago, I never thought I’d see him in person.

He was a natural on stage—super relaxed, funny, smart, kind and quietly charismatic.

He told a lot of stories I was familiar with as well as stories I didn’t know. After a while, he led a group regression. Some people, including me, brought yoga mats or something to lie down on. Most people remained in their chairs. The lights were lowered, soft music played and Dr. Weiss led the meditation. I knew the instructions from his books and watching him on YouTube. (I recommend anyone with hearing loss consider familiarizing themselves with his regression scripts before they come. Then, even with eyes closed, they’ll pick up enough words to follow along.)

I can’t remember if it was before the hour-long lunch break or not, but he asked everyone to pair up and, after leading a short relaxation meditation, had us give each other a small personal item to hold. We were to pay attention to any images, feelings, etc. that came up. After two minutes, we shared. (I felt the pain in my partner’s foot. She gave me a message that could only have come from Jack.)

Dr. Weiss led another past life regression in the afternoon, told more stories and ended the day with a healing meditation from Elizabeth Stratton’s book Seeds of Light.

The seminar ended at five, after which Dr. Weiss signed books.

It was such a great day. It took me out of myself, I met interesting people, my regressions were thought-provoking and the healing meditation gave me an epiphany. I’ve felt inspired ever since.

So that was my day with Dr. Weiss. If you are into past life regressions and Dr. Weiss comes to your neck of the woods, go and see him!

These are my two favorite Dr. Weiss books:

Many Lives, Many Masters

Miracles Happen


After I got off PTSD meds and was in overwhelming physical pain, Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing was one of many methods I used to heal. Focusing was very powerful for me, but I suggest anyone with a history of sexual abuse to approach with caution. As you know, the body remembers!

Check out my book PTSD: Frozen in Time (Adventures in Releasing Buried Energy) for my story. You can find it on Amazon: PTSD: Frozen in Time


2 thoughts on “Dr. Brian Weiss Many Lives, Many Masters Seminar – My Experience

    1. Ha, ha! I dig that.

      I’m reading Living in a Mindful Universe by Eben Alexander now. It was on sale this week (eBook). I read his earlier NDE book and loved it. Speaking of dozing, I think I’ll go do that. I moved yesterday and am too pooped to pop.

      Thanks for writing!!


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