I’m Ann E. Laurie.

I have PTSD from childhood trauma. Meds pretty much blanketed the symptoms for twenty-five years, until they just stopped working.

In 2012, I got off them completely and all the PTSD symptoms I had in my twenties returned.

In the years that followed, I tried all sorts of non-traditional methods to heal — from shamans and energy healers to Eugene Gendlin’s Focusing and Berceli’s Trauma Releasing Exercises. I wrote about it in my book PTSD: Frozen in Time (Adventures in Releasing Buried Energy). (See links below.)

In this blog, I continue detailing my adventures releasing trauma energy and about life in general. I hope you join me and share what’s going on with you.

Talk to you soon.


P.S. (I also write whimsical fiction under the pen name  Lori A. O’Connell).


Books by Ann E. Laurie

ptsd ebook 1,5

Amazon: PTSD: Frozen in Time

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: PTSD Frozen in Time

I never thought my PTSD meds would stop working, but after twenty-five years, they did just that—and all my symptoms returned. The trauma energy that flooded me in childhood, when I could neither fight nor flee, remained within. I was prepared to do just about anything to release that buried energy since it came to manifest in physical pain so severe, it sometimes left me gasping for breath. From shamans and energy healers to Trauma Releasing Exercises and mindful meditation, these are my adventures in releasing trauma energy with non-traditional methods.

summer in the city 1,5

Amazon: Summer in the City: 111th and Western

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: Summer in the City

A nostalgic look back at the summer of 1969, when a visit with my grandmother—and one special book—brought light to a childhood gone dark. Short-read.

Startle Cover

Amazon: Startle: A True Story of PTSD and the Paranormal

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: Startle

At the age of forty-nine, I burned out and began seeing apparitions in my apartment. Was I hallucinating from sleep deprivation? Were they ghosts? Or were they darker energies? You decide. (This short-read is included in PTSD Frozen in Time.)

Ghost Smeller Cover

Amazon:  Ghost Smeller: Adventures of a Low-Status Medium

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: Ghostsmeller

When my meds stopped working, my paranormal adventures began. Here are some of my experiences, and my understanding as to why—in middle age—I can suddenly interact with spirits. (This is included in PTSD Frozen in Time.)

 Books of Whimsical Humor under Pen Name, Lori A. O’Connell

MHT ratio1.5

Amazon:  My Husband’s Toes

In February of 2012, my husband’s toes began speaking to me. I came to know them intimately—their hopes and dreams, their thoughts and fears, their desire to transcend their structural limitations and their struggle in accepting their lack of autonomy. I share these historic dialogues at the risk of great ridicule with the hope that others will come forward and share what I know now to be true—our toes are alive, and they need to be heard.

Nicky ebook 1,5

Amazon: Nicky Chase: Man in a Fish Oil Pill

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: Nicky Chase: Man in a Fish Oil Pill

It all began one cold winter’s night in 2009. I’d been reading Jane Eyre in bed for hours, my husband beside me fast asleep. When I closed the book, I turned to find my husband gone and an overweight, bald man lying in his place—snoring. The quiet life of contented retirement we’d just begun ended at that moment, and a strange, new world emerged—the world of Nicky Chase: Man in a Fish Oil Pill.

STMW other ratio

Amazon: Slouching Towards My Weltanschauung

Barnes & Noble, Apple, Scribd, Kobo, Intera, 24S: Slouching Towards My Weltanschauung

Eighteen essays, most of which were written in jest, on subjects including Leni Riefenstahl, Simone Weil, Judge Judy, The Biggest Loser, mindful meditation, La Cosa Nostra, ghosts and ghost hunters, the author’s painful feet, divine messages regarding vegetable packaging, burn-out, the top-twenty, bestsellig intellectual books of all time (maybe), waking to pee through the night after age fifty, plants with PTSD, and Red Ball Jets.


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